Aluminum Bus Bar for Alternate Voltage Applications

Aluminum bus bar has ideal properties for lightness, cost-effectiveness, conductivity, corrosion-resistance and more!

Aluminum Bus Bar — Lightweight, Corrosion-Resistant & Affordable

aluminum bus bar

EMS Industrial is your single-source solution for aluminum bus bar. We use only American-based aluminum suppliers who select the best grades of material at cost-efficient prices, as well as provide quick turnaround time.

Our aluminum bus bar can be formed using the same methods as all other materials, which means cost containment and turnaround time are able to be maintained.


There are a variety of advantages for using aluminum bus bar including:

  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Good Conductivity
  • Great Heat Exchange
  • Efficient Thermal Dissipation
  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective


Aluminum bus bar is best utilized for outdoor applications or corrosive, high stress environments.

It is most often used for electrical suppression in low voltage applications, where moderate strength and lightness is required. It’s also ideal for cramped enclosures.


We have the capabilities and expertise to plate aluminum bus bar with tin, nickel or silver.

Tin plating at bus bar joints solves oxidation issues. However, silver plating is usually better because it’s tougher and further improves conductivity.

Aluminum Bus Bar vs Copper

The primary differences between aluminum and copper bus bar is that aluminum is more cost-effective and lighter weight.

More information on aluminum bus bar vs copper

Custom Bus Bar

For demanding or unique applications, EMS Industrial provides custom bus bar services.

Since aluminum bus bar has a structural stiffness that is lower than steel it is offset with a thicker gauge.

Contact EMS Industrial today at 815-678-2700. We’d love to discuss your bus bar service and machining needs.


Bus Bar Sizes

EMS offers a variety of standard lengths & thicknesses.   Custom sizes available upon request.

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Urgent Order Needs

Large & strategic bus bar inventory fulfills urgent & emergency orders requiring quick turnaround.
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Need a Prototype?

Parts developed for your review

If you need a part developed to test its performance, we can create a prototype to your precise specifications allowing you to review its effectiveness with your application.

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