Bus Bar Assembly

As a global bus bar supplier, we offer complete bus bar assembly services to save you time & money! Some of our assembly services include Precision Stamping, Bending & Forming, Plating, Epoxy Coating, Custom Packaging, Direct to End-User Deliver & More!
bus bar assembly

Bus Bar Assembly Manufacturers for Optimized Performance & Cost Efficiency

In addition to providing OEMs with bus bar and/or raw materials, EMS Industrial also offers complete bus bar assembly.

As global assembly manufacturers, we work closely with OEM design engineers from around the world to meet exact specifications, ensure cost-efficiency, and optimize bus bar performance for the intended application and environment.

We provide AC/DC, modular and grounding bus bar systems for a wide range of industries and applications.

Assembly Services

As part of a complete assembly, we offer the following services:

  • Material Selection Assistance
  • Epoxy Coating (insulated bus bar)
  • Plating (tin, nickel & silver)
  • Fiber Laser Cutting
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Bus Bar Bending & Forming
  • CNC Machining & Press Brake
  • Precision, Custom Stamping
  • Custom Packaging
  • Direct to End-User Delivery
  • Prototype/Small Volume to Large Production Orders
  • Custom Bus Bar Sizes, Shapes, Thicknesses & Tight Tolerances

Assembly Cost-Savings

As one of the top assembly manufacturers, we can reduce time & costs associated with:

  • Raw Material Management
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Inspection

The Bus Bar Manufacturer You Need for Successful Development of Electrical Bus Bar Systems

EMS Industrial has been an industry thought leader & innovator for 60+ years. We are ISO and ITAR certified, RoHS compliant, and long-time members of IEEE.

OEMs trust EMS Industrial with their power distribution bus needs because of our high quality raw materials, technical expertise, value-add capabilities and personal customer support.

Contact EMS Industrial today at 815-678-2700. We’d love to discuss your bus bar service and machining needs.


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