Patented Bus Bar Water Jet Cutting Technology

Bus bar water jet cutting service utilizes patented Dynamic Waterjet to save you on post-cut bus bar machining costs, while delivering faster, more precise cuts & taper-free cut edge.

Faster, More Precise Bus Bar Cutting with Dynamic Waterjet

bus bar water jet cutting

EMS Industrial & Service Company is proud to introduce our precision water jet cutting service.

Water jet cutting allows us to cut many different materials and thicknesses for bus bar.

What sets EMS apart from other bus bar manufacturers is that we have Flow’s patented “Dynamic Waterjet”.

The Dynamic Waterjet provides a “Taper Free” cut edge for greater precision and a better quality cut in thicker material.

It’s also able to produce greater accuracy at substantially higher cut speeds than traditional waterjet cutting machines. In fact, this technology can cut bus bar 2x – 4x faster than the typical flat stock waterjet cutting machines!

This water jet cutting technology offers:

  • Increased Speed & Reduced Taper
  • 6’ x 10’ Work Area
  • Cuts up to 6” Thick in Mild Steel
  • 60,000 PSI Pump
  • Cuts for a Wide Range of Material & Thicknesses
  • Ability to Obtain Incredible Detail in Small Parts
  • Material Savings due to Tight Part Nesting & Common Line Cutting

Our water jet cutting service saves you money on post-cut bus bar machining by eliminating the taper on the part edge and the interior of the holes.

From bus bar prototyping to production, this patented water jet cutting technology provides an incredibly clean-cut edge and super precise holes.

Contact EMS Industrial today at 815-678-2700. We’d love to discuss your bus bar water jet cutting needs.


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